CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Nesbitt Centre, 2017

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22-11-2018 05:08:07
by RedDoor Admin

For my CAS Week, I’m going to the Nesbitt Centre, an English-speaking educational programme for adults with severe learning…

22-11-2018 05:08:53
by RedDoor Admin

21st of November marks the second day of our five day CAS experience with the Nesbitt Centre. Armandeep and I went to the…

22-11-2018 05:09:39
by RedDoor Admin

Today was the third day of our CAS experience. We accompanied the Nesbitt staff and members on an outing to Cheng Chau.…

22-11-2018 05:10:28
by RedDoor Admin

Today, Radha and I had the chance to go to The Nesbitt Center’s residential unit with some of the students while Hayden…

22-11-2018 05:15:02
by RedDoor Admin

The last day of helping out with Nesbitt Centre really saddened me. We started off the day, by helping Michelle take out…