CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Ark Eden.


Ark Eden aims to preserve Lantau island’s ecological, geographical, historical and cultural heritage by following a sustainable lifestyle and by providing inspiring educational and eco-tourism opportunities for children, adults, residents and tourists. 

We do this through a series of integrated workshops, field trips and camps designed to lead every participant towards a better understanding of the environment and what everyone’s role is in conservation, preservation and sustainability. 

This year, Ark Eden is offering a CAS week experience that offers expert training for students to become an eco-leader.

You will:

1. Receive training on planning and delivery of an experiential nature programme

2. Get to know more about the environment, sustainable living and making the most of the earth's resources

3. Discover your unique leadership style and your strengths as a leader

4. Confidently address and implement safety measures for a wilderness programme

5. Basic first aid application

6. Understand how to design programmes and experiences for groups of all ages

7. Learn how to deliver feedback and debriefing sessions for a group

8. Adopt tips and techniques for working with people who are resistant

9. Learn safe fire making techniques

10. Learn how to safely use and teach others to use tools such as bow saws

Activities include:

- Hill walking

- Tree maintenance and ecological restoration

- Team building games

- Time to connect in Nature

- Campfire activities

- Indoor and outdoor experiential training

- Farming practices

- Composting

- Planting and growing food

- Carpentry

- Cooking

- Nature connection games

This is an overnight camp for 4 nights and in the evenings we will enjoy campfires, star-gazing, values and diversity games, team-building and communication activities, and a guided night-walk.


"A unique experience to connect and learn about nature. Highly recommended if you think the overseas trips are too expensive.” ~ Marcus Chow
“I connected with my tree and learned how to become more in touch with nature, and found peace and tranquility within myself.” ~ Adrian Cheung
“By being away from the standard school life, I'm once again reminded of how pleasant peace and quiet is, and as such I now have an even bigger appreciation for moments where I don't have to work or worry. My favourite part of the week was when a few others and I took the opportunity to swim. The key take aways from Ark Eden were (1) to always appreciate and recognise the environment you’re in and (2) to be respectful of people’s ideas and beliefs.” ~ Theo Lee


HKD 4,500

C‌ost (includes accommodation for 4 nights, activity materials and all meals) 



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