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Luang Prabang, Laos 2018

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23-11-2018 00:44:07
by RedDoor Admin

The 15 Laos trippers met bright and early this morning and are excited for their trip! They have been preparing by researching…

23-11-2018 00:46:24
by RedDoor Admin

Today mostly consisted of the group walking back and forth the Bangkok airport, trying to figure out how we could retrieve…

23-11-2018 00:49:17
by RedDoor Admin

What an incredible day – it seems like we experienced a whole week. This morning we visited an elephant sanctuary and…

23-11-2018 01:16:38
by RedDoor Admin

Our first activity day in Laos was full of events and excitement. We started off the day with a visit to an elephant sanctuary,…

23-11-2018 02:44:42
by RedDoor Admin

This morning we went to a primary school located around 15 km from the village where we are staying. At the primary school…

23-11-2018 02:49:19
by RedDoor Admin

Today was truly one of the most enjoyable and unique days of our lives. Even though we weren’t living in 5 star hotels…

23-11-2018 02:51:13
by RedDoor Admin

Today was the day that we left the village. We woke up early for breakfast before participating in a farewell ritual with…

23-11-2018 02:53:24
by RedDoor Admin

We woke relatively late this morning, which was then followed by a good breakfast. We then set off to the Royal Palace Museum…

23-11-2018 02:54:52
by RedDoor Admin

This morning, we started at 5:30AM with giving alms to the monks. We all sat in a row on the side of the street with a bucket…