CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Kathmandu, Nepal.


Nestled between India and Tibet, Nepal is not only the gateway to the Himalayas but also a crossroads of cultures and one of the most fascinating places to visit on earth. Vibrant Hindu and Buddhist traditions mix in this colourful land of mountains, golden temples, and friendly people. Come on the RCHK 2019 CAS trip to Nepal to experience Nepali culture and tradition as well as engage in service projects both in a traditional Nepali hill village and within a local Kathmandu school.  

We first arrive in the vast city of Kathmandu and explore the vibrant and bustling area of Thamel.  After lessons in Nepali language and cooking, and learning about the work of the Seven Women Centre, you will stay with host families at a homestay within a traditional hill village just outside of Kathmandu. In the village, our group will engage in a building project that benefits the community and get to know the local villagers. You'll work up an appetite for Dal Bhat and the delicious food Nepal is known for!

Following our stay in the village, we will move on to the Kathmandu area of Bhaktapur which we will use as a home-base for our work with Deeya Shree English School. There you will learn about RCHK’s history of engagement at Deeya Shree School and put your teaching skills to the test! The children love singing and dancing and are excited and enthusiastic to meet you.

In this trip, you will truly receive a warm welcome and to get to know the people, customs and cultures of this amazing  place.  Your experiences will change your perspective and the connections you make will be sure to stay with you forever.  

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Student quotes from the trip feedback:

"I loved all the activities. Especially visiting the living goddess, Monkey temple, teaching in Deeya Shree, cooking class in Seven Women Centre. Through this trip I was able to overcome and accept different challenges, I also learnt more about the Nepalese culture and found it really interesting.” ~ Eunice Choi

"Knowing that the service money goes to places like the Deeya Shree School and the Seven Women Centre makes me feel great, as it could actually help people in need. I now definitely advocate for this cause to others who haven't been on the trip.”  ~ Christopher Wong

"I think that this is something that we should continue to support because being able to teach these kids and see their positive attitudes towards learning was very inspiring, and I believe that everyone, if given the opportunity, should be given a good education, and continuing to fund them would only enhance that.” ~ Carmen Ho


8 Nov 2019


16 Nov 2019


HKD 17,500

Approximate cost

1‌5 students 

Availability (Limited to)

Ms. Melissa Booker

Trip Leader

CAS Type


d‌irect & advocacy 


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