CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Blue Sky Water Sports, 2017

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21-11-2018 03:00:40
by RedDoor Admin

Today, we went to Tsam Chuk Wan for the first activity which was planned, kayaking. The first thing we had to do was change…

21-11-2018 03:02:25
by RedDoor Admin

Today marks the day of our CAS week adventure at Blue Sky Water Sports. We knew it would cold and chilly week. However,…

21-11-2018 03:03:15
by RedDoor Admin

Our expedition today started off today with a bus ride to the remote corner of Sai Kung East Country Park, the Sai Wan beach.…

21-11-2018 03:03:50
by RedDoor Admin

For the third day of our CAS, we went to the Blue Sky sports center for the activity stand up paddling. Like the past few…

21-11-2018 03:04:33
by RedDoor Admin

Today marks the fourth day of our water adventure! With only one more day to go, we arrived at Sai Kung with excitement.…

21-11-2018 03:06:23
by RedDoor Admin

On the fifth day, we did dragon boating. We got together with partners of roughly the same weight in order to avoid capsizing…