A short train journey will take our Hong Kong based students to one of the most famous Chinese landscapes. They will gaze out the train window as the limestone karst mountains appear before them and nervously contemplate a week ahead that will see them scale those peaks and zipline down gazing at the glorious scenery below.

The trip will also include a strenuous hike above and beyond the famous Longli rice paddies and a variety of activities including a cooking class, ziplining, a Kung Fu lesson, and producing a traditional Chinese painting.

However, the most important part of the trip with be the chance for our students to serve the local community. They will spend two days working on and learning about an organic farm. They will have the chance to get their hands dirty but will also study in a classroom about what the organic farm does and the necessity of understanding scientific concepts in order to successfully grow crops.

Other highlights include:

. Spending a day rock climbing on a world renowned site
. Hiking to the top of Moon Hill, exploring the caves and taking a mud bath
. Cycling along Yulong River on scenic pathways
. Experiencing Chinese foot massage and cupping

Itinerary 2018:

Jose and Jafar

“When one thinks of the Chinese countryside they tend to imagine the the crisp, fresh, mountain air and wisps of clouds engulfing the vast irregular mountains. The villages peppered around the valleys, detached from the modern metropolises that are only so far away. One thing we have all failed to realize is the damnable roosters. They caw and caw and caw endlessly throughout the bleak and bone-chilling morning, and I can assure you they do not have the mental capacity to understand the notion of “stop”. Additionally, there was no electricity in the morning, as we learned that rural areas as such have random power cuts that plague their lives.”

Alvina and Sabrina

“The steep, jagged edge of the mountain was to say the least, imposing, much like a hulking giant, and many of us who had not climbed before were intimidated. In total, there were four routes one could take, and each one seemed just as difficult. The higher achieving students of ours challenged themselves to take on more than one route, perhaps even try all four, while the most of us stuck with the satisfaction of having scaled up once. In the end, we were tired – our arms ached, knees were bruised, and palms were beaten up – but we were proud of ourselves. The adrenaline coursing through us merely magnified the sense of success we felt from overcoming obstacles and challenging ourselves.”

Gigi and Maria

“Farming was challenging for most of us because it was our first time experiencing actual farming. We learnt to use different tools to plow the soil and also how to spread seeds, fertiliser and pesticide. The soil was hard and heavy to plow, making our process quite difficult and challenging. But as we got more familiar with the task and tools, we were able to work much faster. Some of us removed tree roots from the ground. The tree roots were strong and deeply buried. But we didn’t give up just because it was hard. We tried using different tools, digging from different sides. At last, two groups dug out three tree roots in total.”

Depart: Sat, 10 Nov 2018
Return: Fri, 16 Nov 2018
Cost: $14,820 (includes all meals)
Minimum number of students: 12

Trip Leader: Mr. Philip Knight

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Guilin CAS Type: Activity & Service with some Creativity