This is the best opportunity you will have in serving a part of the Hong Kong community that is often forgotten. Here you will learn how to relate and interact with those with moderate to profound disabilities.

The Nesbitt Centre provides an English-speaking educational programme for adults with severe learning disabilities. The Centre works towards helping members achieve independence, developing their own potential while seeking opportunities within the community.

Volunteer with the physically and mentally disabled adults in a weeklong programme in the Centre, as well as around Hong Kong.

Students need to be mature and have good communication skills.

A mandatory orientation session will be held two weeks before CAS Week.

Max Lau

Getting to meet so many members and staff, talking to and helping members with a wide range of disabilities, the large amount of activities (sports, yoga, dancing, singing, music, arts), outings, classroom activities (e,g. social skills or vocational ed.) I am grateful for the opportunity to join many different classes.” 

Pandora Sze

The staff at the centre were really nice and would answer any questions you have. You will be able to form a strong bond with the students at the centre in this short week (as long as you pay the effort). They are super excited to see you!

Cost: Free
Availability: Limited to  4 students only

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