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Unforgettable experience (day 5)

Yesterday, after adding a second layer of gold paint to all the surfaces of the glove, I dried it using a hairdryer. I then used silver and brown paint to add shading and highlights to give the gauntlet a more metallic look. Afterwards, I poked holes in the EVA and glued the gems to the gauntlet using contact adhesive. Today, I coated the gauntlet using glossy spray lacquer to make the whole prop shiny. As my prop was now finished, Professor Blackwell taught me some other new skills. I learned how to weld and cut metal, which was very fun. I also learned to use a lathe and made a vase out of styrofoam. During this week, I have learned a lot from the staff at HKAPA. They were very helpful in teaching me different prop design techniques and guided me in overcoming any challenges I faced. This has been an excellent and unforgettable experience for me.


yan Ng

My completed product (day 5)

I moulded the back half of the dog with plaster and let it dry during lunch time. Then, I applied some clay water in between the front and back half so that it will be easier to separate after it is dry. After lunch, Professor Blackwell taught me how to separate the dried plaster and that is to pour hot water onto the sculpture while forcing them open. It was really hard to separate them because it required a lot of force. As you can see from the photo, this was not a successful product because the ears and the neck were snapped while opening the mould. Also, I didn’t have enough time to finish the actual model so I just took the mould home instead. Today was probably the most challenging day for me because I had to apply several layers of plaster before moving onto the next stage. And while I thought the plaster layer was thick enough, it turned out to be a really thin layer. This was one of the reasons why the ears and neck were broken because the mould was too thin and it couldn’t withstand the force applied to it. However, I am glad that I have decided to make this sculpture because it is something I have never done in my life and I learnt so much from Professor Blackwell and Simpson (one of the staff). Without their help, I wouldn’t be able to learn all these techniques in the span of five days. Overall, it was a really challenging and memorable experience for me!

Tyra Cheung

Clay sculpture (day 2)

I refined the features on my sculpture and added ears. It took me a long time to make the ears because the clay was really soft which made the ears unsecured. However, I still managed to make it after letting the clay dry for a while. After that, Professor Blackwell taught me how to mold the sculpture with plaster. I built a ‘wall’ around the front half of the sculpture and splatted plaster on it. After lunch, one of the ears fell off because it was too soft so I had to make another one and reapply the plaster on that ear. This was challenging for me because I had to make sure the ears are the same size and that it has to be secure and sturdy so that it doesn’t fall for the second time.

Tyra Cheung

Glove work (day 3)

Yesterday I used a heat gun to bend the EVA foam on the glove, overcoming my previous challenge. I also painted the clear gems to make them follow the design of the original prop from the movie. I added more foam to the fingers, with ridges so the joints can move in the glove. Today, I finished the underside of the glove and added textural details to the top side. I began painting the first layer of gold paint on all the surfaces of the glove.

Ryan Ng


Today was our first day at HKAPA besides our induction session where we had a tour of the place. We started off by looking at examples of all the possible designing techniques that can be used to make props for theatre. We checked out different materials and learned different methods of creation. I decided to create a prop from a movie I like. I chose to make the Infinity Gauntlet from “Avengers: Infinity War”. First, I made rough sketches of the design and annotated it. Then, I picked an old leather glove to use as a base. I cut out pieces of EVA plastic foam and glued them onto the glove. I also picked out certain gems I could use for the design later on. One challenge I came across was that the foam was thick and rigid so it looked flat. I will work on this problem tomorrow.

Ryan Ng

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