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Day 5

The last day of helping out with Nesbitt Centre really saddened me. We started off the day, by helping Michelle take out some of the old pictures and decorations off a board to help put new Christmas decorations and pictures.

After a short while of doing so, Michelle asked me if I could apply makeup on one of the members face, as this was her weekly reward. I started asking her if she could point to me what she wanted to apply, although I only managed to apply lipstick. Also, she kept on pointing towards Max to help her, guessing that she bonded with him more than me. Hence, I thought that Max could apply the makeup whilst I am assisting and talking him through the process of putting on makeup. But when Max completed applying makeup, we showed her a mirror she disliked it a lot and got angry. That’s when she wanted another Nesbitt Centre staff member to apply her makeup, although she didn’t know how to, so I had to assist her as well.

After the daily morning meeting that one of the staff members hold with the members, I was sent off with a group of students to help out with their weekly yoga session. So we took a bus to the gym or work out centre, where we meet up with the yoga instructor. I was told to help out with two of the members, but it was hard to help them as sometimes they were resisting assistance, so the yoga instructor had to come and help out. I realized that I had to be patient when helping out and recognize to back off and let a professional handle it.

After coming back to Nesbitt Centre, we had lunch where we sat down with the some of the members and had small talk about general things. We had interpersonal skills right after where the members play games and puzzles. I started off by playing easy games with two of members, again where I learned I had to be patient as they had some speech disabilities so I had to use more gestures to communicate with them. Slowly, more members, Hayden and Armandeep joined so we started playing monopoly.

During today’s experience and throughout CAS Week, I really understood how to communicate with adults with special needs and most importantly how to be patient with them.

Author: Radha Sambhwani

Day 4

Today, Radha and I had the chance to go to The Nesbitt Center’s residential unit with some of the students while Hayden and Armandeep were at the center doing a variety of other activities.

We did a variety of activities with the higher support members. After going through the schedule, they did stretching activities. These members have physical disabilities so some extra support is needed.

Afterwards, they did a variety of personalized activities involving board games. I assisted one member with a few simple puzzles. I provided support by encouraging her to try putting pieces together, asked her what is missing.

Reminding her to try and rotate the piece if it doesn’t fit, and if it doesn’t fit then she could pick up another piece and try. I had to be patient as she struggled mainly with recognizing the images on the pieces and looking for the corresponding piece. To help her, I picked up 3 puzzle pieces, held them clearly and asked her which one looks like it fits. Then, I gave the piece to her and told her to try to attach it to the pieces she already had.

In addition, I soon realized that she had difficulty with the motor skill of picking up and inserting the puzzle pieces

The members each played with different board games. After these personalized activities, the members practiced the performances for the Christmas show.

During this experience at the residence, I learned about how to be more proactive in recognizing when someone is having difficulty.

And how to provide encouragement and appropriate praise to motivate people when encountering a very challenging task. In addition, I practiced using positive language and helpful reminders to prompt the members instead of venting frustration. These valuable social and communication skills will be useful in any other situation.

Author: Max Lau

Day 3

Today was the third day of our CAS experience. We accompanied the Nesbitt staff and members on an outing to Cheng Chau. It was a hectic morning trying to get everyone on the bus so that we could follow the tight schedule set. On the ferry to Cheng Chau, some of the members took pictures of them and the view, seeing them smiling and enjoying themselves on the ferry was really heartwarming for all of us. For most of the week, we are confined and restricted to the indoors, being able to go outside with the members and allowing them to go on an outing was nice.

When we reached Cheng Chau, we had split into two groups. Group A went on a hike while group B went to the beach. I was part of group B, Radha and I accompanied one of the members on the walk to the beach. We conversed as we walked to the beach and were able to get to know some of the members better. Going on this outing made us realise the hardships and challenges members have to face every day.

One of the things we all developed today was patience. Even though the members were quite cooperative it still required a lot of patience. Today not only allowed us to bond and interact with the members more but also gave us insight as to how much effort the staff puts in to give members good experiences.

Author: Hayden Li

Nesbitt Centre Day 2

21st of November marks the second day of our five day CAS experience with the Nesbitt Centre. Armandeep and I went to the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital in Chai Wan, where the Nesbitt staff had planned a session teaching members of the centre how to cook. Max and Radha stayed at the Centre helping with classes. We arrived at the hospital in the morning and stayed until three in the afternoon.

It felt nice to provide a helping hand to the members of the club. Prior to this CAS week, most of us were not exposed to this part of the Hong Kong community. Today was definitely eye-opening.

At the beginning of the cooking session, it was quite difficult for us to get the members of the club to concentrate on the task. The Nesbitt members often got distracted and had short attention spans. As the day went on, it got easier getting the members to cook and participate. Being able to help them during the cooking process was really fulfilling.

Looking after the members was a lot more difficult than I had thought. Before the CAS week, I had a lot of experience with coaching and supervising younger students. I thought that this CAS experience would be somewhat similar, but it is not. This CAS experience is definitely helping me develop leadership and communication skills.

Author: Hayden Li

Nesbitt Centre Day 1

For my CAS Week, I’m going to the Nesbitt Centre, an English-speaking educational programme for adults with severe learning disabilities. On the first day, we went to the Hong Kong Football Club where we did some yoga and bowling with the disabled people. After that, we went back to the centre where each one of us participated in separate activities. I was to help out in a music session where the members had to prepare for a Christmas Show that was going to be held the next month. All in all, it was quite a fun and an enjoyable experience. I got to meet some of the members and help them out with the activities being held. I got a taste of what was expected of me and though it was somewhat difficult, I think the rest of the week should be fun and provide an eye-opening experience for me.

Author: Armandeep Singh

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