CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Pre-departure Blog Entry!

The Cambodia CAS trip is in 2 days! It feels like yesterday when we were choosing which trip to take, inspecting and comparing the multiple exciting options for our week of service. My friends and I have been talking about Cambodia so much this past week, we can’t contain our excitement and anticipation.

At first, I felt reluctant about participating in this CAS trip as I thought that the trip is primarily service-based. However, Cambodia is a place that won’t be an ideal travel destination for my family and I, so this trip really is the only chance for me to be able to learn about Cambodia’s rich culture and experience it personally in local villages. Being able to work with local students in Cambodia is an amazing opportunity as it is difficult to have connections with local villages and be able to organise a trip to visit these students in person. I’m grateful to be given this opportunity to show appreciation of my privilege as an international school student and the resources that I am given, by giving back to less fortunate communities whilst making memories with my peers and the local students.

Even though I am sure we will have an amazing time in Cambodia, there will be challenges we may stumble upon. Communicating with the locals will be challenging as there is a language barrier and cultural difference. Furthermore, following the rules within the Cambodian culture would be challenging for us as it is our first time travelling there and we are not entirely familiar with the rules. However, I believe it is a valuable opportunity for us to learn and experience the vibrant and unique culture Cambodia has to offer.

Despite the challenges, I am sure we will do a great job serving the Cambodian community as our team has done a lot of preparation beforehand. We have been meeting Ms. So and Ms Colarossi weekly since the start of the academic year, and have been brainstorming ideas on making the trip the greatest and most efficient. Everyone has an important role in the Cambodia trip, we are split into different teams, such as: the fundraising team, the media team and also the resources team. We have also done research on Cambodian weather, food, dress code, as well as the language, tradition and culture. With this knowledge, we know what to expect on the trip and also how to act appropriately during our stay in the village.

At last, we would like to extend a huge thanks to our teacher supervisors: Ms So, Ms Colarossi and Mr Ayers for planning and leading the trip, and also providing abounding care for us during the trip. We know leading a group of students is very hectic, but we will work to the best of our ability, and not let you guys or RCHK down!

Megan Chiu and Charmaine Ho

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