CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

A fun-filled day! (day 6)

As the morning sun sneaked by in the land of Cambodia, we were surely feeling the aching muscles from the previous activities that had unfolded before. Wake up time and Breakfast was as normal, and we were all ready to go for the exciting day that would follow after.

The bike ride that followed after was really fun and maybe challenging for some people, but after an unanimous collective decision, we decided to keep on riding through the sandy roads. Unfortunately, some unlucky people fell down on the grounds due to either unfamiliarity of the bikes, unfortunate bumps and holes in the roads, or due to the difficulty of traversing through the sandy roads. However, all of us got back on our feet and continued riding, never withdrawing from the challenge that the bike ride presented, with everyone people coming out victorious at the end.

After experiencing a challenging bike ride, we visited historical temple sites in Siem Reap. The most prominent temple we visited today was the Ta Prohm, accompanied with a temple guide that provided many insights on the historical background on the temple. It was truly a wonderful experience to walk through the temple grounds, gaining new knowledge that would benefit us for the amazing race that would follow tomorrow.

After the temple ride followed a 2 hour rest at the hotel, as we had nothing to do prior to the circus show that would go on at night. It was a great opportunity for us to catch up on some sleep, as some of us were tired after the difficult bike ride through the sandy roads.

Dinner was a variety of curry dishes, which provided us a great warmth and satisfaction. However, the main part of the day would then start after, which was the circus show. The circus show held an air of enthusiasm and energy. Each section of the performance was very entertaining, and every action gave us a sense of astonishment, as every act was simply amazing yet complicated at the same time. The way their bodies would contort to the music, following the flow of the rhythm, expressing their well acted emotions, it was all a wonderful show, and I think everyone would agree that the show was definitely a highlight of the whole week so far. The drummer in particular was very amazing, as his well timed beats to the flow of the circus was very on point, with every hit adding emphasis and rhythm to the performer’s actions.

Overall, the day was very exciting yet relaxed, with the whole course of events generally being very enjoyable.

By Patrick

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