CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

A fun-filled day (day 5)

This morning, we went to the Phare Circus to participate in a workshop. We met the performers and they taught us how to juggle and do gymnastics. It was fun but very tiring. Juggling was incredibly challenging as we realized how terrible our hand-eye coordination was. Afterwards, we took our tuk tuks to a village house where we had lunch. Afterwards, we were split into groups (games, sports and crafts) and ran activities for the children at Husk School that we have been working with over the past three days. The games team played the Name Game, Octopus tag, Fruit Salad and Splat, while the crafts team led the kids in making Chinese paper lanterns. Lastly, the sports team played volleyball and soccer, and the kids introduced some local games as well. They were very enthusiastic and willing to participate.

After that, we had cooking classes where we learned to make traditional Khmer dishes. We made a chicken curry, a fish amok dish, a banana dessert, glutinous rice balls with palm sugar, fresh spring rolls, and a green mango salad. Afterwards we had dinner with the family built the house for and watched traditional Apsara dance.

Lastly, we went to the night market, where we had the opportunity to buy local items. It was a very busy day.

Of the things we did today, the most meaningful was working with the underprivileged children of Husk School. Seeing them get so excited and happy to participate was a very humbling experience. Not only was it fun for the kids but it was also beneficial to us as we got the opportunity to learn from people who have had experiences very different from us. Seeing the family we built the house for was also very rewarding as we could see the impact our actions have had on the community. This particular family was selected for the house building because they were a poverty level one family (earning under $1.50 USD a day) and made a deal to keep their daughter in school until she finished high school.

We had a lot of fun today so much so that we cannot pick a favorite activity. The most challenging activity was working with the kids because of the language barrier and the hot sun. There was a considerable gap between skill level of various children which made it difficult for us because we had to account for everyone. We are very excited for the activities tomorrow (especially seeing the circus performance) and Friday when we get to see Angkor Wat.

Adrianne Cheung

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