CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Village projects – day 4

For the past few days, we have been working on various local service projects within the village. These include building a house for a family, assisting local teachers within the classrooms, and helping to paint a soon to be new school. Through these activities, we have gained a lot of valuable insight into the culture and atmosphere of Cambodia, and how my contributions may have helped others. It’s quite a heartwarming feeling to know that you can make a difference in a community, and this will definitely be one of the key takeaways from the trip.

The most enjoyable activity was working with the local children in the school. For the past two days, we have worked with and assisted the teachers in the classroom in teaching basic english to 11-12 year olds. Just by sitting at the back of the classroom and watching the teachers interact with the kids, I knew that they were very excited and driven to learn. The atmosphere is uniquely different from that of schools in Hong Kong as well, and I found that this was truly an eye opening experience to the different privileges and cultures that we are exposed to.

Working and interacting with the kids was entirely another story. For the first few days, we only listened in on the lessons and occasionally participated. Today was the only day we led a full lesson, and it was certainly an eye opening experience. Seeing how engaged and enthusiastic these kids were to learn definitely puts the world into perspective. We live in a first world environment and we’re privileged enough to receive a good and stable education, so this experience truly helped us understand more about developing countries. This trip has taught us how we can help in a community, and by using our education we can help students with a less advanced educational program.

Another activity we worked on today was building a house for a type 1 poverty family. This family migrated from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap and they live on around $1.5 USD a day. To them every dollar counts, while we view money as an object that is granted to us. By building a house for this family, we’ve realised that everyone can make a change and our actions has provided a family in poverty with shelter. Building this house for the three days has taught us how Khmer people in poverty build their houses, and from comparing our home environment to the families’ it has been a really eye opening experience for us.

Stephanie and Daphne

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