CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Siem Reap Day 3

Today was our second day of building the family’s house. Students who weaved the walls of the household transitioned to hammering the frame for the walls. For lunch, we had curry in the Community Centre where Softies and the high school was located. We also helped to paint the first coat of the walls for a high school which was under construction.

Afterwards we taught at the school from 4-5pm, each group had their separate class and taught respectively. Although it was challenging in different ways, it was a fun and rewarding experience for all of us. It was also satisfying to see ourselves learn and improve too. The planning and practice that was done during the previous day helped a lot and made us feel a lot more confident about teaching the children.

For our group, we had to teach children phonetics and also numbers. Each person in the group was in charge of a five to ten-minute activity. Several of our group members were in charge of running games which can help children be interested in learning and help them learn. One of the games were called read and write. The student teacher would choose two students and randomly show a phonetics card (for example, Ss). The two children will have to run towards the board and write Ss as quickly as possible and say the letter, sound of the letter and what word starts with the letter.

One of the bigger challenges our group faced was giving all of the children an equal chance to play the games. We tended to be unaware of which children we chose to play the game because of how fast-paced the games where.

As we get further into the trip, it became more apparent to us of how badly people are in poverty here. The house we are helping to build is a stark contrast to the hotel we are staying at. We also learned from our Cambodian tour guide, HongLee, that most children leave school in order to work by Grade 8, and only about 10% continue to university. This motivates us to work even harder to provide education for the children at Husk community school.

We went downtown for dinner, which we will have another chance to revisit tomorrow. We had fried rice, noodle salad, stir-fry vegetables, and pan-fried honey fruits.

Rachel, Tiffany, Natazha

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