CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Siem Reap, Cambodia.


Zip around the bustling streets of Siem Reap in Tuk Tuks; learn how to build a house using leaves and bamboo or make a delicious pot of Cambodian curry; teach English to children whose enthusiasm to learn will melt your heart; test your bravery by tasting a spider at the local markets; practice your juggling skills with the Phare Circus performers; wonder through the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat. Cambodia is truly an unforgettable experience!

In this seven day journey, we will be immersed in an authentic Cambodian experience that gives us an opportunity to make a tangible and lasting change in the remote Kompheim Village by working closely with the NGO, Husk Cambodia. We will engage in meaning service opportunities, including teaching English to local children and working with Kompheim families to build sustainable homes and community facilities using plastic and reusable waste.

We will immerse ourselves in ancient history, by visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site Angkor Wat and site of the Tomb Raider movie, Ta Phrohm Temple, to learn what life was like for people who lived centuries ago. We will explore the lush scenery of Siem Reap by Tuk Tuk and take a bicycle ride through the countryside.

And if this is not enough, we will also get the opportunity to pick up new skills, like cooking Khmer food and take a circus workshop, with the popular Phare Circus of Siem Reap.

Cambodia is a perfect blend of service, creativity, and active experience to make it a trip of a lifetime!

“My CAS trip to Cambodia has allowed me to appreciate the magnitude of the opportunities I have been granted.” ~ Sammi Choi

“By directly engaging with the villagers and students, I was able to see how they build their houses and the type of family backgrounds they come from. We got to leave behind a long-lasting impact. It is something that the local community can use, which makes it even more rewarding for us” ~ Ramona Leung

"It propelled us into an unknown and adventurous journey through Siem Reap.” ~ Kunal Dadlani

“I learned a lot. I learnt to appreciate what I am given and not ask for more because it's not fair of me to do so when others are suffering in the world.” ~ Thomas Yuen

“The CAS Trip was an eye-opening experience... To see the enthusiasm and eagerness to learn from the students we taught, was very humbling knowing that many of us don't want to go to school sometimes.” ~ Alistair Kwai

For further information visit:

Husk Cambodia:



8 Nov 2019


15 Nov 2019


HKD 15,000

A‌pproximate cost 

20 students 

Availability (Maximum)

M‌s. Giuliana Colarossi 

Trip Leader

CAS Type


d‌irect & advocacy 


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