CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Shoelasting (day 4)

In the 4th day of CAS week, since we have already finished the sowing
of the different parts together on each respective shoe (although mine
was a bit simple containing 2 pieces for each foot) we started
preparing the shoe for lasting to start giving it the shape of a
traditional shoe. Although since my shoe had some parts that needed
holes for the shoelace, I also needed to use a particular tool (I
forgot the name) to punch a hole through the leather pattern fit for a
shoelace. (right now I’m not sure if it’s big enough for my laces but
we will see) We used contact adhesive to stick an extra piece of hard
leather to put under the leather pattern of the show to give it a more
rigid structure near the end of the shoe. Then we started shoe lasting
by placing down a point at the back of the shoe last and alining the
back of the leather outer where we sew together the pieces of leather
and hammering in a nail in between the seem to hold it in place. We
then stretch and pull the leather from the shoe from the top, and the
widest point hand hammer in nails when it takes the shape of the shoe.
we then start lasting some more in between the 3 nails folding and
stretching the leather keeping it moist to help with it. Afterwards,
we bend the nail inwards to the shoe and hammer down the sides to
further enforce the shape. Overall, today was the hardest of them all
taking most hand strength and because of that, my hands are stiff and
nails are hurting and very very tired. Tomorrow should be the last
day when we finally finish the shoe up. Jeff and Kit were a great help
in teaching us and helping us judging where the shoe was messing up

Chau-yin Yick

  • Robbin
    Jul 21, 2020

    Your work is great. Thanks for sharing this article with us. Glad I visited and read this post. Keep sharing!!

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