CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Shoe designing (day 3)

After the initial planning phase, the real challenge begins as we turn from the drawing board into making and producing. All of us are beginners and never had any experience in making shoes, a short tutorial was necessary. Kit and Jeff kindly taught us how to sew fabric together using various tools and methods. After the tutorial, we started with gathering materials around the workshop to make what will become the upper part of the shoe. Using the paper patterns we drew on the first day, we had to trace and cut out the proper size and shape to make up the shoe.

We were then introduced to a set of tools which helped us in putting the parts together. All of us have to mark out the areas we had to sew into. Some of us also designed shoes with laces requiring tools which were able to make holes in. Some even had to use glue to make the fabric support stronger.

Putting the parts together to form the shape for the shoe wasn’t an easy feat. Requires a lot of careful pinpointing and strength but overall a good learning experience and to really see how much effort is required to make a pair of shoes.

Andrew Chang

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