CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Shoemaking (day 1)

November 12th is the official date the six of us start our shoemaking journey with Kit and Jeff. We were instructed to meet at the Shoe Artistry workshop and greet our supervisors/teachers for the week. We all managed to get there on time (10:00am). Whilst getting to know our teachers, we presented our designs/drawings we prepared at home to Kit and Jeff – showing themwhat we wish to learn and accomplish during the experience.

Then, we spent 40-45 minutes to further develop our ideas while our teachers talked to each of the students in order to get to know them personally and guide them through the designing process. After sketching our final designs, they taught us how to transfer two-dimensional drawings into paper patterns, (used later in the manufacturing process).

Kit and Jeff were very welcoming, as a result, they made our first day very memorable and unforgettable.

Sabrina Wu

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