CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Shoe-Making Workshop, 2018

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28-01-2019 08:42:45
by RedDoor Admin

November 12th is the official date the six of us start our shoemaking journey with Kit and Jeff. We were instructed to meet…

28-01-2019 08:43:38
by RedDoor Admin

Following the design of our ideas in Day 1, we moved onto finding materials for our products. In the morning of this bright…

28-01-2019 08:45:22
by RedDoor Admin

After the initial planning phase, the real challenge begins as we turn from the drawing board into making and producing.…

28-01-2019 08:45:59
by RedDoor Admin

In the 4th day of CAS week, since we have already finished the sowingof the different parts together on each respective…