CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College


Today we continue our journey of shoemaking, yesterday we finished our designs and today we start the process of sourcing. Sourcing is a process where designers go to the market and buy what they need for their design. For us to source, we went on a field trip to sham shui po! First, Jeff gave us a short briefing session where we tell him what we show him the list of things we need to buy. Jeff then teaches us how to communicate with the shop owners in sham shui po, if we respect and be kind to them, then they will respect and be helpful to us.

After the short briefing, we walked to sham shui po, where Jeff introduced us to the streets and what they sell. Jeff then introduce us to some of the stores he usually goes to for the workshop, we can see that Jeff is really good friends with the shop owner, this may be because they respect each other which transformed into a good relationship.

Other than shops that sell materials, Jeff also introduced us to local restaurants (cha chaan tang) and art centers including an art shop called form society. For society is a small art shop where they aim to promote art around Hong Kong, they often organize workshops and art events around Hong Kong so that more Hong Kong people can participate.

After Jeff introduce us to all these shops, he gave us free time to buy material and explore sham shui po ourselves. We got back 3 hours later where we share what we saw and bought in sham shui po with the rest of the class.

Overall it was a fun and interesting experience, not only we bought useful materials for our sandals, but we also get to explore places we would never have the chance to go if we didn’t have CAS week. It was a tiring yet fun day, and we are all excited for tomorrow where we start making our sandals.

Authors: Sunny and Russell

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