CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College


Today is our first day at the shoe artistry workshop. Some of us hand trouble locating the place, but we all made it there in one piece. We meet Jeff, one of the two people running the Shoe Artistry, and he lead us for the day. We were told we are going to make sandals.

Jeff introduced us to the materials and tools of the trades, stating the purpose and function of each one. We got to know about the scissors, hammers, threads, leather, glues that is used to make shoes.

After that, we talked about shoe lasts, a place holder for a foot when making shoes. We got to decide on the type of shoe shape we wanted through picking the lasts. Jeff also taught us how to draw our feet by tracing around it on a sheet of paper which also helped determined the type of lasts we picked.

Around half way through the day, we got let out for some exploration to hunt for some inspiration. We were tasked to take pictures and draw some of the sandals we saw around Mong Kok, paying attention to the shape, straps, and style of the shoe.

After a hour and half, we met up again in the workshop to share our findings. Then we started to come up with ideas for our own sandals. We shared our plans and Jeff gave us tips and improvements for our design.

The day was almost over and Jeff informed us on the task for tomorrow: come up with a list of materials we need for our shoes because we are going to go shopping in Sham Shui Po!

Today we lots of fun and chill. I felt like I learnt a lot more about making shoes, something which is completely new to all of us. I look forward to learning more since I know we barely breached the surface of this craft!

Author: Po Yee

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