CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Shoe-Making Workshop, 2017

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22-11-2018 05:36:28
by RedDoor Admin

Before CAS week actually began, we were informed to take a look at sandal designs as a reference for future designs. We…

22-11-2018 05:37:46
by RedDoor Admin

Today is our first day at the shoe artistry workshop. Some of us hand trouble locating the place, but we all made it there…

22-11-2018 05:38:39
by RedDoor Admin

Today we continue our journey of shoemaking, yesterday we finished our designs and today we start the process of sourcing.…

22-11-2018 05:39:16
by RedDoor Admin

On day 3 of our CAS experience, we were finally closer to mastering the art of shoemaking for beginners and making our every…

22-11-2018 05:39:58
by RedDoor Admin

Today’s the day that everyone’s been waiting for. After an extensive research, designing, sourcing, and modelling process…