CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

The first Sabah morning (day 2)

The first Sabah morning embraced us with a sense of anticipation and joy. After eating breakfast which consisted of toast, eggs, sausages, sponge cakes, noodles, we made our way to the Bukit Harapan Therapy Community centre. At Bukit Harapan, we met a joyous group of people who we later found out were energetic dancers, creative artists, and talented musicians. Our relationship with Bukit Harapan started off with a musical interaction, where they sang ‘We Are the World’ in Malay and we responded with ‘Count On Me’. Together, we played football (soccer) and frisbee, made origami pieces including swans and flowers, made decorations, and had a dance off to Malaysian and Global pop songs that lasted for hours.

After making valuable connections to people in Bukit Harapan, we made our way to the Sabah Indoor Climbing Center, where we did rock climbing, slacklining, and tire flipping. The walls were colossal and seemed intimidating with its size and rigour, but we were able to conquer this challenge and enjoy it for ourselves. The center offered a plethora of rock climbing experiences, including one where we climbed a chimney-like tunnel as if we were ninjas. Slacklining was a test of resilience, concentration, and faith. Although none of us were able to walk across one side from another like the adept instructors, we were able to balance ourselves on the rope. Tire flipping was a test of strength and mindset, where Mr Copeland and Faolan shined by flipping the tire multiple times.

As fun as the trip can be, we must always keep safety as the priority. We were reminded of the value of safety when Preston injured his hand due to an unfortunate accident. Thanks to the quick-thinking and skilled First Aiders in the team (shout-out to Sheryl, Marco, and Athena), we were able to patch Preston up for his trip to the hospital. However, Preston was to return to Hong Kong for a surgery as a precaution, and we said our emotional goodbyes. Although Preston made an early leave from Sabah, his heart will summit Mount Kinabalu in the form of a fluffy, cuddly companion.

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