CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Sabah, Malaysia.


In this seven-day trip, you will spend time working with field biologists on rainforest and mangrove restoration projects before making the challenging trek to the summit of Mt. Kinabalu!

Our journey will start in Sepilok, where we will travel to Kinabatangan river jungle camp to assist with rainforest trail clearing and tree planting. There will be many opportunities to spot wildlife as we move across project sites by trail path or river cruise. At the end of the project we will take a night walk so that we have the opportunity to discover any nocturnal species in the area. In between project and hiking time, we will make time for a conservation debate and team building activities that will prepare us for the arduous hike ahead!

The Mt. Kinabalu trek will occur over two days. You will rely on each other for support as you truly test your physical ability and stamina. Day One will include about 7K of climbing. Day Two will start at 2:00 am and we will climb about 3K to the summit for sunrise.  The difficulty of this hike should not be underestimated and we will need to commit to a solid training routine across the time leading up to this challenge! That being said, breathtaking views and a genuine sense of accomplishment await you at the top. Share in this amazing achievement with the friends that you have made and take a moment to reflect on your capacity to face challenge head on and realise your potential.  This is a truly emotional moment for many and one that will stay with you for a long time to come. We will then descend the summit; then the rest of the mountain.

Finally, we will stay at a comfortable hotel with relaxing hot springs to rest, reflect on our accomplishment and enjoy each others company before returning home to Hong Kong.

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Previous quotes from students:

"Climbing Mt Kinabalu with my friends was physically draining, but incredibly rewarding." ~ Jane Chan

"Sabah has given me the life-changing experience which has taught me life will have no happiness without hardship. I have learned the importance of friendship and am very grateful that I could experience this special event, where most people wouldn’t have the chance to with, my friends. It has helped me realized my goals and what kind of person I want to become. Sabah is not just a CAS trip, it’s a journey of self-discovery."  ~ Kristen Wen 

"It allowed me to understand the skills I needed to improve, thus making me strengthen them. Sabah was a very valuable trip for me as it enabled me to feel accomplished when finishing the trek to Mt.Kinabalu. Also Sabah food is amazing." ~ Nathan Yang


10 Nov 2019


16 Nov 2019 


H‌KD 15,200

Approximate cost

1‌6 students 

Availability (Limited to)

Mr. Anthony Copeland

Trip Leader

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‌ indirect & research


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