CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Pre-trip blog: Our last trip meeting!

By Kate Cheng and Elena Leung

Today we did a little briefing with Ms. Colarossi. We were all very excited for our CAS week to Cambodia because we know helping underprivileged children in Cambodia will most certainly be a life-changing experience for all of us. We look forward for the 3-day service project that we will be doing in the villages as well as visiting local cultural areas such as Angkor Wat.  

We think that being involved in direct community services such as building houses and painting classrooms, those are things that we might not have the opportunity to do in Hong Kong. By helping the locals we can develop a deeper understanding of the local culture in Cambodia. We believe that this would be a unique experience that would affect us more than any other vacation trip would. That is all because of the services and the work that we are going to do for the community will give us a whole new perspective into the culture of Cambodia.

During the briefing, we talked about the flight details, changes in the itinerary and clothing schemes. I personally cannot wait to go to the CAS trip and to get started with helping the community of Cambodia through our service project. We were also reminded to bring some denim that we don’t wear anymore so we could donate them to an organization that will recycle them. We previously practiced our teaching and presentation skills and we look forward to applying what we have learned in this activity to teaching the children in Cambodia. 

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