CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

On Day 4

Around 10 of the members present went on an outing to the Kowloon Wall City park. All three of us travelled with the group to the park to supervise and walk with members. The walk was slow and relaxing as we strolled in the cool breeze, for some, this was the highlight. We saw members Kim and Debra holding hands walking along, so it was only natural for the “ships” to sail. But for Jeffrey, a member, his focus was on the “Siu Mai” snack he was promised by a Nesbitt teacher. All through the walk, lunch and ice cream dessert, he chanted “siu mai” ceaselessly, diligently reminding the supervisors of his demands. When the facilitator finally ordered the food he was promised, he finally fell silent. This was a great day for Jeffery, after lunch teachers at the Nesbitt center even purchased a toy for him!

Although members behaved when in the mall, they caught the eyes of other shoppers. At many occasions Jeffery would loudly yell in the restaurant. We weren’t able to calm him down and so decided to keep him occupied so he wouldn’t do so. He ate like a kid. After served food, he devoured his fish cutlet, leaving only rice and curry for the rest of the meal. He also asked for Coca Cola despite ordering lemon tea! When we got back to the Nesbitt Center, Jeffery was rewarded a KitKat for his good behaviour. This highlights the many similarities between adults with learning disabilities and children. They are driven by the same incentives, share the same food preferences and must also be distracted to control their behaviour. Caring for a child is a task known to be difficult. Hence it is hard to imagine the challenge which parents of these children face.

By: Fideron, Hilary, Isaia

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