CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

On Day 1

I (Isaia) was gifted with the opportunity of joining the Nesbitt Centre during the Prestige Fair in the Conrad Hotel in Pacific Place. The Prestige Fair was a way for me to discover the latest best of jewellery, fashion, accessories, gourmet food, homewares, children’s products – while selling Nesbitt’s own homemade products created by the members in it. As the Prestige Fair started at 10 in the morning and ended at 8 in the evening, I stumbled upon the challenge of continuously selling our products to passers-by and other custumers for that long amount of time. It truly was an experience that I have not encountered in a long time. Regardless, I found so much joy in advertising the products alongside the fellow members of Nesbitt whom I’ve become very close with. Altogether, we counted on each others’ backs to be able to eloquently sell the products to the customers, to which I thought was a challenge for the members as well as they have a hard time with communicating their ideas. Because of this, I took the initiative to help them out and get their words by giving them confidence in what they say. I thought that this was a great access of practicing my communication and verbal skills, and to be able to persuade people to buy our products. All in all, I was so happy to find out that we sold more than $3000’s worth of products by the end of the night and I was extremely proud (and exhausted).

By: Isaia

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