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Nesbitt Centre, 2018

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23-11-2018 02:58:10
by RedDoor Admin

I (Isaia) was gifted with the opportunity of joining the Nesbitt Centre during the Prestige Fair in the Conrad Hotel in…

23-11-2018 02:58:40
by RedDoor Admin

Isaia and I (Fideron) travelled to Wan Chai with the high support group for a session of residential education and sensory…

23-11-2018 02:59:25
by RedDoor Admin

I (Hilary) travelled to the residential area at Wan Chai with a mixed group of male and female members to participate in…

23-11-2018 03:00:07
by RedDoor Admin

Around 10 of the members present went on an outing to the Kowloon Wall City park. All three of us travelled with the group…

23-11-2018 03:00:42
by RedDoor Admin

We had our last day at the Nesbitt center. In order to have a full understanding of the center’s functionality, Michelle…