CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Day 4

Today, Radha and I had the chance to go to The Nesbitt Center’s residential unit with some of the students while Hayden and Armandeep were at the center doing a variety of other activities.

We did a variety of activities with the higher support members. After going through the schedule, they did stretching activities. These members have physical disabilities so some extra support is needed.

Afterwards, they did a variety of personalized activities involving board games. I assisted one member with a few simple puzzles. I provided support by encouraging her to try putting pieces together, asked her what is missing.

Reminding her to try and rotate the piece if it doesn’t fit, and if it doesn’t fit then she could pick up another piece and try. I had to be patient as she struggled mainly with recognizing the images on the pieces and looking for the corresponding piece. To help her, I picked up 3 puzzle pieces, held them clearly and asked her which one looks like it fits. Then, I gave the piece to her and told her to try to attach it to the pieces she already had.

In addition, I soon realized that she had difficulty with the motor skill of picking up and inserting the puzzle pieces

The members each played with different board games. After these personalized activities, the members practiced the performances for the Christmas show.

During this experience at the residence, I learned about how to be more proactive in recognizing when someone is having difficulty.

And how to provide encouragement and appropriate praise to motivate people when encountering a very challenging task. In addition, I practiced using positive language and helpful reminders to prompt the members instead of venting frustration. These valuable social and communication skills will be useful in any other situation.

Author: Max Lau

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