CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Day 3

Today was the third day of our CAS experience. We accompanied the Nesbitt staff and members on an outing to Cheng Chau. It was a hectic morning trying to get everyone on the bus so that we could follow the tight schedule set. On the ferry to Cheng Chau, some of the members took pictures of them and the view, seeing them smiling and enjoying themselves on the ferry was really heartwarming for all of us. For most of the week, we are confined and restricted to the indoors, being able to go outside with the members and allowing them to go on an outing was nice.

When we reached Cheng Chau, we had split into two groups. Group A went on a hike while group B went to the beach. I was part of group B, Radha and I accompanied one of the members on the walk to the beach. We conversed as we walked to the beach and were able to get to know some of the members better. Going on this outing made us realise the hardships and challenges members have to face every day.

One of the things we all developed today was patience. Even though the members were quite cooperative it still required a lot of patience. Today not only allowed us to bond and interact with the members more but also gave us insight as to how much effort the staff puts in to give members good experiences.

Author: Hayden Li

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