CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Nesbitt Centre Day 2

21st of November marks the second day of our five day CAS experience with the Nesbitt Centre. Armandeep and I went to the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital in Chai Wan, where the Nesbitt staff had planned a session teaching members of the centre how to cook. Max and Radha stayed at the Centre helping with classes. We arrived at the hospital in the morning and stayed until three in the afternoon.

It felt nice to provide a helping hand to the members of the club. Prior to this CAS week, most of us were not exposed to this part of the Hong Kong community. Today was definitely eye-opening.

At the beginning of the cooking session, it was quite difficult for us to get the members of the club to concentrate on the task. The Nesbitt members often got distracted and had short attention spans. As the day went on, it got easier getting the members to cook and participate. Being able to help them during the cooking process was really fulfilling.

Looking after the members was a lot more difficult than I had thought. Before the CAS week, I had a lot of experience with coaching and supervising younger students. I thought that this CAS experience would be somewhat similar, but it is not. This CAS experience is definitely helping me develop leadership and communication skills.

Author: Hayden Li

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