CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Saying goodbye (day 5)

Today was the day that we left the village. We woke up early for breakfast before participating in a farewell ritual with the local villagers. We sat around a steel plate that had different kinds of food. The villagers said their thanks to us for coming along to their village before starting the ritual

The ritual consisted of us being given a bowl of food from the steel plate and a cup of Pepsi, then the villagers wrapped our wrists with different strands of string to show gratitude and good luck moving forward.

We then took a relaxing 2 hour truck ride, including a quick stop to say goodbye to some Laotian girls that caught an interest to some members of our group, to another local town where we swapped to a boat ride. We stopped by a series of caves filed with Buddhist statues before setting sail for another small town that sold handmade paper and handmade buddha statues. After a quick shop around, we went back to our comfortable hotel

Once we got back, we spent some time cleaning and fixing up before heading to a nearby local BBQ restaurant. We ended off the night with some free time where some people decided to walk the night market again and some decided to go back to the hotel.

Overall, it was an experience to remember, the truck ride was relaxing and the boat ride was amazing. The BBQ dinner could have been better but it was good enough.

Writers: Anson Ng and Wilton Chik

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