CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Teaching and Learning (day 3)

This morning we went to a primary school located around 15 km from the village where we are staying. At the primary school we did many fun activities we had prepared beforehand. Some groups did sports and games, one painting and origami, another Chinese and one Sign Language. After 4 rounds of leading activities, we played a game with secondary students. We played soccer and volleyball and actually lost both. However, the friendship we gained is precious and priceless. Afterward we returned to our home stay village for lunch and then headed out to another secondary school where we worked on digging and shoveling ground. After taking a short break from the hard work, we separated into groups and visited 4 local families to learn how to cook traditional Laos food from the moms. We made pork salad with banana flower, a delicious steamed fish dish, vegetable curry with sticky rice and stir-fry vegetables. While we were waiting for all the dishes to be ready, we visited houses of the friendly villagers and chatted about their life in the village. After having a big dinner, we enjoyed learning and making bamboo baskets —which are wonderful souvenirs with the locals, and this marks the end of our fruitful day.

Bloggers: Jessica Fang and Tiara ASA

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