CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Day 7 – Encountering bears and swimming in waterfalls

For our final day of CAS we went to visit sun and moon bears and learn about the different types of bears. We learnt about how the different types of bears are endangered and nearing extinction. Afterwards we ventured to a few waterfalls where we saw many pools of natural water. The reflection of the light on the waterfalls were mesmerising and gorgeous. However, only about half of us ended up swimming in the waterfalls because it was extremely cold and freezing, as a result the rest of us just ended up spending the time together and socialised.

The view of the waterfall was new and special which was simply amazing. Next, we had a rest back at the hotel and then we were let out in the night market to get our own food and spend the rest of our time together at the in this market. At the end of the day, CAS was a trip that we would not forget anytime soon, it was a fun and enjoyable experience while it lasted.

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