CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Day 6 – Leaving the village

We started the day with the last breakfast in the village. Before we left the village, the villagers held a leaving ceremony for us. We all gathered in the community hall surrounding two metal “drums”. On each there were sticky rice wrapped with banana leaves, eggs, snacks, Pepsi and a flower offering. Firstly, we passed around the Pepsi and each took a sip. Then we were offered the eggs and sticky rice. Lastly, they tied strings on our wrists to reconnect us with the 32 spirits that they believed in, to ensure us safe travels and return home safely.

We had lunch on a boat with mountains as the backdrop which is an incredible scenery. Moving onto another boat, we travelled to the Buddhas cave (Pak Ou Cave) and showed our respects by offering rice and snacks. Furthermore, we placed strings in the cave higher than our head so that nobody would step on our souls. There was also another cave, that was higher up on the mountain with geographical significance as people from the past thought there were spirits inside. However, the King of Laos did not want the villagers to believe in other gods except the Laotian Buddha. So the temple was put in place to ensure the Buddha is the only God worshiped.

Continuing on the same boat, we arrived at paper village. This is where we observed how villagers made paper and added different types of organic materials into the paper for different patterns. The paper is then used for artwork, booklets, decorations, postcards and etc.

We made our way to a new hotel in Luang Prabang, closer to the night market. After cleaning ourselves up we went to have dinner where we had a fusion of hotspot and barbecue. In our own free time we were then able to go to night market.

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