CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Luang Prabang, Laos.


On this trip we will experience the special culture of Laos while taking part in activities and service in both urban and rural areas.  This trip is unique in that we spend time in a home-stay with a family in a remote village. Our service will include teaching primary school children and manual labor on a community construction site.   Our activities will include visits to various markets, temples and an elephant sanctuary, a river cruise, waterfalls, hiking, dancing, cooking and other experiences that allow us to fully enjoy the beauty and goodness of Laos.

Our urban experiences will be at the start and the end of the trip in the ancient town of Luang Prabang. This river-side city has been described as one of the most charming and best-preserved towns in Southeast Asia. Due to its outstanding cultural and natural features, the town itself is listed as UNESCO World Heritage site.  

Our rural experiences will take place in a community outside Luang Prabang where we will complete our service.  The main service project will involve contributing to the building of structures on the campus of a secondary school. In addition to this, we will spend a day teaching primary school children. Through these two acts of service we will help improve the lives of the students and their community while contributing to expanding their global perspective.

This trip will provide you with a better understanding of the the cultures, conditions and experiences of people who live in Laos, as well as the social, educational and health related issues facing the people in Laos.  You will end your trip with an expanded worldview and insight into your own approach to and attitude towards life.

Here is what some of the students from the 2018 trip had to say: 

“The trip activities are a perfect combination of service, activity and creativity. We not only served the village community but also had a great time exploring the Luang Prabang city and the Lao culture.” 

“The service was hard yet it taught me about gratefulness...” 

“I feel like the village stay was really meaningful as it allowed us to bond a lot…” 

“...when I look back to the trip, it was a very memorable and meaningful time which made me think about a lot of things.” 

“The food was amazing, especially in the village. It was very delicious and filling.”



10 Nov 2019


17 Nov 2019


HKD 13,000

Approximate cost

16 students 


Ms. Veronica Baker

Trip Leader

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