CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Seek Discomfort (day 4)

Today was truly one of the most enjoyable and unique days of our lives. Even though we weren’t living in 5 star hotels or dining at 3 Michelin star restaurants, we were able to achieve something unique attained only by stepping out of our comfort zones.

We woke up feeling refreshed as we were a little under the weather the day before. Not knowing what was in store for us, we set off to build dormitories in a nearby high school. We weren’t very skilled but we worked hard and achieved the goals set. The afternoon was more fun as we played volleyball with some locals.

At night, despite the pouring rain and soaked clothing, we trekked to the high school where a large audience awaited us. They had many performances in store and we participated in many of them. Our favourite activity during the night had to the banana football game. We tied bananas around our waists and tried to use them to hit a ball on the floor. We won thanks to a last minute penalty from Mr Devries. We ended the night with a fun community dance and took photos with many of the performers.

We might not have had ideal living and weather conditions, but our experiences today is worth every discomfort we faced.

Seek discomfort.

Bloggers: Morris Lam and Andy Xu

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