CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Last Day: Home again with new perspectives.

Date: 18/11/18
“I don’t want to leave the van! Please tell me the Cathay Dragon plane failed to take off from Hong Kong”. That was me yesterday at the immigration, lamenting about how I wanted to stay longer in Nepal. Now I am 31,000 feet in the air watching ‘Hotel Transylvania 3’ with one eye, and coping with the nuisance of crying Nepalese kids that sat three rows in front of me.

Time flew past quickly on the plane, and soon I woke up from my string of nightmares as result of the big thud from the airplane wheels which contacted the tarmac. As usual, we got off the plane and grabbed our luggages, then headed to the Arrival hall. Our parents waited to pick us up (my parents were nowhere to be found), and as expected the parents asked for a group photo before we dispersed. I was about to head to the A41P bus stop when one friendly parent, who knew my mom and I, offered me a car ride back home.

There is not much to say today as we were all heading back from the short 9 day trip to Nepal, all tired and weary. Instead, I want to congratulate everyone for making this trip such an entertaining and meaningful experience for me. I would surely remember this trip, and all the discoveries and perspectives that have made me more open minded about cultural differences. The three most memorable things for me about this trip were the jokes we exchanged on the van, teaching Arts and Crafts and maps to the energetic kids at Deeya Shree School, and the animal sightseeing at Chitwan National Park.

Although the jokes we exchanged on the van were not all appropriate, both teachers and students laughed hard and collectively made the van ride more pleasant. Teaching the Nepalese kids were fun as many were very willing to learn, and demonstrated a high degree of creativity when folding paper boats during Arts and Crafts. The kids incorporated paper-made poles, flags, and surrounding waves with the paper boats, even though we did not give directions for them to do that. We also had time in one of our lessons to do this activity where the kids would draw how they feel Nepal would look like 100 years from now. This was a really interesting activity as their perspective of the future is so different from how HongKonger’s perceive the future – In which we envision flying cars, monorails, more skyscrapers. Their vision of the future would be more buildings, roads and cars – Not much difference from modern day Nepal. Lastly, the safari at Chitwan National Park was simply breathtaking. We were really fortunate to witness critically endangered birds, gharials, and one horned rhinoceroses whilst we sat atop asiatic elephants.

Overall, I had a really enjoyable CAS trip to Nepal, and want to thank everyone who had been a part of it.

Credits: Henry

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