CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 6: Into the wild.

Day 6: 15/11/2018
Today we did canoeing, elephant riding and we also went to the elephant breeding and training centre.

The day started off with a delicious breakfast at Chitwan Maruni Hotel, then we all went to a river canoeing activity. There were two canoes and there were around 7 people in each one. From what the guide told us, we should be able to see crocodiles in this activity. I immediately had a sense of excitement to see the ‘deadly crocodiles’ close up. The canoe glided slowly on the calm river, and everything was quiet. The sounds of the rustling leaves, birds chirping and the flow of the water were really relaxing. The canoe took a few turns, then the canoeist pointed at a crocodile bathing under the sun!

The crocodile was different from what I expected. I thought crocodiles were large and huge, but the crocodile we saw was long and small. It took a long time to spot the second crocodile. The canoe ride was relaxing that it felt non-existent, like a dream. It was quite disappointing because we couldn’t see more crocodiles, but the activity was eye opening.

The next activity we did was elephant riding. We went elephant riding in the afternoon because it is easier to see more animals. There’s a maximum of four people on each elephant. When I first rode on the elephant, it felt bumpy. It was also exciting because for most of the people, it was their first time riding an elephant. When the elephant walked through the jungle, it felt peaceful.

Later the elephant driver pointed a herd of deers hiding in the bushes. They’re fur were spotted and they looked very cute since I have never seen deers in Hong Kong before. The elephant then walked to a grass land, and there were two one-horned rhinos. It was magnificent to see the rhinos.

Rhinos are endangered, and being able to witness these endangered species is a once in a lifetime experience. The rhinos never attacked the elephant and they were not harmful at all. The new policy in China where rhino horns and tiger skin can be sold legally is not understandable at all. I don’t understand why people need animal horns or skin to make money. After this elephant riding activity, I feel that endangered species should be protected and we should also appreciate nature and the environment. We saw jeeps for safari in the jungle after elephant riding. Since the animals we saw were not afraid of the elephants. If we rode the jeep safari, the jungle would be polluted and we won’t be able to see animals closely. Overall, this was one of the best experiences I have had in Nepal.

The next place we went was the elephant breeding and training centre. There were lots of elephants in both large and small sizes. It was interesting to learn more about the elephants there.

Being able to experience, witness and take part in these activities are enlightening and eye-opening. They are honestly way different than watching videos on National Geographic or Animal Planet. I can’t wait for the activities planned for tomorrow!

Credits: Eunice

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