CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 4: Warm smiles and enthusiastic faces.

Day 4 (13/11/18)

Time flies. We have already been in Khatmandu for four days, and so far, it has been a very eye-opening experience. Day four of the trip was service-based as we invested most of the day at Deeya Shree English Boarding School (DSEBS) to share our knowledge with some of Nepal’s less-fortunate children.

We headed directly to DSEBS this morning and were greeted subsequently by the warm smiles of the teaching staff and the enthusiastic faces of the students. The school itself was modest, but the enthusiasm of the students and their keenness to learn turned the school into a lively place for learning.

Like the previous two days, we separated into five groups and taught our chosen topics to the six different classes. I, along with Chris and Terence, fostered the interest of students in mathematics through fun and interactions. Their textbooks and notebooks were in bad conditions as most of them come from humble family backgrounds, yet their passion to learn was no different from ours. This made me realise how fortunate I am to be born into a city where education is often taken for granted.

After several hours of sharing our knowledge, we participated in sports activities with the children. Football, basketball and badminton were some of the sports we played. The equipment was either second-hand or overly used, and this contrasts with our habit of owning and disposing things easily.

Finally, we bid farewell to DSEBS after spending three days with its students.

The last activity of the day was a visit to the renowned Boudhanath Stupa. The spectacular structure was constructed sometime after AD600 when then Tibetan king Songtsen Gampo converted to Buddhism. It shows that Nepal is a very religious country.

After an early dinner, we headed back to the Katmandu Guest House to pack and rest for our trip to Chitwan tomorrow.

Credits: Adrian

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