CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Day 3: A special birthday.

November 12, 2018

Today, some Nepalese women learned how to use Google. Some others learnt how to do arts and crafts, while others improved their public speaking skills. Similarly, some Nepalese children expanded their English vocabulary, while some others learnt math. These were some of the things that the Nepal CAS troop did to help the local community in Kathmandu today.

We started off our day with a nice buffet breakfast, with tasty potatoes and great Chinese chow mein. We then set off on our journey to the Seven Women Centre, where we spent time branding and promoting the Seven Women Centre, teaching them skills such as public speaking, arts and crafts, photography and technology. Some of us also helped out the women at the Centre to cook ourselves Nepalese noodles for lunch. We also celebrated the birthday of our fellow trooper, Chi Ching, with a huge chocolate cake.

Afterwards, we returned to Deeya Shree English Boarding School, where each group taught their specialities and strengths to three different classes. Some of us taught Math and English, while others taught subjects like Science, Creative Writing, and Public Speaking. My group also spent some time playing Hangman with Class 5!

After school ended at 4pm, we left straight to the ancient Newa city of Bhaktapur. In Bhaktapur, we enjoyed walking around and picking up souvenirs in shops around Durbar Square.

We also ate dinner there, on the roof of a building. As usual, most of us ordered Momo, which are traditional Nepalese dumplings. We also ate different types of cuisine, like Indian chicken butter masala and French fries.

Our fun day of traveling and service ended after dinner, where we got on the bus back to the hotel (we’re still halfway through our return trip right now). Even though Kieron said “Although no one can say any day was the best day” in his previous blog post, I would like to say that today has been the best day so far on this trip. I look forward to playing basketball and football with the schoolkids tomorrow.

Credits: Christopher

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