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Renaissance College

Kathmandu, Nepal 2018

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22-11-2018 08:44:03
by RedDoor Admin

We’ve been getting teaching experience with RCHK primary students prior to our trip! It’s not as easy as it looks…

22-11-2018 08:45:45
by RedDoor Admin

Temples, monkeys and history. If you were to ask any of us who went to Kathmandu about what they experienced on the 10th…

23-11-2018 00:05:36
by RedDoor Admin

Today we went to the school to teach kids for the first time this trip. It was kind of early in the morning and we were…

22-11-2018 08:55:32
by RedDoor Admin

All the ingredients are lined up and #rchkdp year 12 students are ready for Nepali cooking lesson at the @SevenWomenNGO…

22-11-2018 08:58:06
by RedDoor Admin

year 12 students from #rchkdp are now in Nepal to help and teach students in a little school in #Kathmandu. #rchkcasweek18

23-11-2018 00:12:19
by RedDoor Admin

One of our #rchkdp year 12 [email protected] had a very special birthday today at the @SevenWomenNGO in Kathmandu and…

22-11-2018 08:51:00
by RedDoor Admin

November 12, 2018 Today, some Nepalese women learned how to use Google. Some others learnt how to do arts and crafts, while…

23-11-2018 00:15:57
by RedDoor Admin

Day 4 (13/11/18) Time flies. We have already been in Khatmandu for four days, and so far, it has been a very eye-opening…

23-11-2018 00:19:49
by RedDoor Admin

Sounds of Kathmandu street hawkers awoke the sleeping city. Ah, another busy day. I opened the window curtains, the sun…

23-11-2018 00:32:38
by RedDoor Admin

Day 6: 15/11/2018Today we did canoeing, elephant riding and we also went to the elephant breeding and training centre. The…

23-11-2018 00:41:07
by RedDoor Admin

Date: 18/11/18“I don’t want to leave the van! Please tell me the Cathay Dragon plane failed to take off from Hong Kong”.…