CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Day 5: A starry starry night

Photo: Nathan

Authors: Kelly, Joey & Andrea

After our usual morning routine, we received some rather unfortunate news. We were told that today could be the last day for us to experience the joys of teaching our students – the Nepalese students at the Deeya Shree English Boarding School and students from the monastery. This is because there are elections going on at the moment in Nepal and one of the outside political parties may organise a strike on Friday, which means the school will be closed and buses won’t run.

On our arrival to our first stop, the monastery, we were greeted yet again by a group of smiling, eager monks. Some of the older monks were sitting outside in the sunshine and a few of us had the chance to chat with them. One was reading a book on philosophy and said that he was in the 4th year of his 9 year philosophy course. When asked what he would do after this he said he’d probably teach, but he might travel too. When asked if he would continue to be a monk, he said he wasn’t sure but that he was able to choose if he wanted to or not, which surprised us as we didn’t realise they had that freedom. Indeed, he felt that coming to the monastery at age 9 had given him choices he wouldn’t have otherwise had.

We all had an amazing, educational experience with them, especially seeing them in a different light after our prayer session the day before.

Although it was saddening to say our goodbyes, we know that this will not be the last time they will hear or see RCHK students (or teachers, as they would often refer to us as).

At the school, we were able to capture many farewell photos and say our solemn goodbyes.

Then began our long endeavour to Nagarkot. Our perilous journey split us into two individual vehicles as the road would be so bumpy and steep in parts that one might struggle. Our 2 hour long journey began at the School, and we kept ourselves entertained with many ukulele songs, sing-a-longs and naps to accompany us on the bumpy roads.

Upon arriving at our new Eco-home, we were able to be greeted by one of its owners, Anita, who showed us our rooms with cute balconies and an amazing fireplace to sit round later.

That night we ate what many agreed was the best meal of the trip so far, a freshly made Nepalese dinner and especially delicious chocolate pudding dessert.

After sitting around the glowing fire for a while singing a diverse repertoire of songs from the Eagles to Disney, we proceeded up the stairs to the rooftop. Here we could lie down and gaze up at the stars, truly awestruck by the beauty of Mother Nature. As we counted and watched the twinkles above, we were able to reminisce on the good times we have had in Kathmandu so far.

As we looked up at the crystal clear night sky filled with stars, we thought to compare such beauty with the cloudy, light polluted skies of Hong Kong. We were able to consider the privileges and disadvantages of living in the big city, while appreciating the pure, natural beauty of the rural countryside.

Our night was filled with laughs, cuddles and shooting stars. As Year 12 students, all of our shooting star wishes were filled with #IB45’s, hoping for futures as bright as the stars above us.

They say that we should always aim for the stars- and tonight, we were able to clearly see where we would one day be able to reach. We’re so thankful for this opportunity to see such wonderous views!

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