CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

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22/11/17 Day 6 – Josh & Anson

Today we started off with a bright and early start and headed for the monastery at 8:45. Although the traffic was tough and roads were rough, as the magnificent golden monastery edged its way into our view, we were on the edge of our seats. As always, the monks had a warm welcome for us as we walked in to our respective classrooms.

After 1 hour and 30 minutes of fun teaching, we said goodbye to the monks and quickly headed to the school.

The kids from the school were extremely excited to be with us again and they had plenty of fun being taught Maths, English, Art, and Music. They were eager to learn and very enthusiastic. They even ‘told’ us to play with them at lunchtime!

Although students from the school were sometimes misbehaving and having a hard time focusing, as teachers, we all tried our best to encourage them to continue as we hope that the knowledge they receive will be hepful for them in the future. Their cheerful laughs and smiles are priceless.

We eventually had to say our goodbyes the cute students and left to go to the monastery for a once in a lifetime experience – watching a prayer (puja) session. The ritual was somewhat scary with the thundering drum and the wailing trumpets, on top of the actual prayer itself. We even had to check if they were actually breathing they were reciting the words so fast! For the hour, we sat at the side listening to them and giving time to our own thoughts.

After the prayer session, the monks were nice enough to invite us to join them for dinner, and it was our pleasure to taste their Nepalese cuisine. The lentils and chilli were exceptionally tasty, but a few of us had trouble eating the olive chilli as it was so spicy! No matter how the food tasted, we were all very honoured to share the same table as the monks, as well as be included in their prayer session, as not many people get this kind of opportunity.

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