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Renaissance College

Kathmandu, Nepal 2017

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21-11-2018 08:50:36
by RedDoor Admin

After months of preparation, we’re at the airport ready to head to Nepal! Students have been preparing for this by researching…

21-11-2018 08:53:10
by RedDoor Admin

Day 1: Starting the first day of our trip, we filled up on a delicious buffet breakfast at the Kathmandu Guest House. After…

21-11-2018 08:55:24
by RedDoor Admin

Author: Crystal Today was a real eye opener for us on the lives of the Nepali. In the morning, we visited the school where…

21-11-2018 08:57:42
by RedDoor Admin

20/11/17 Authors: Jack, Brian, Lok Wa “In life, there is no right or wrong answer.” “So what?” During our first…

22-11-2018 00:09:19
by RedDoor Admin

22/11/17 Day 6 – Josh & Anson Today we started off with a bright and early start and headed for the monastery at 8:45.…

22-11-2018 00:15:08
by RedDoor Admin

Photo: Nathan Authors: Kelly, Joey & Andrea After our usual morning routine, we received some rather unfortunate news.…

22-11-2018 00:28:47
by RedDoor Admin

23/11/17 – Siena and Pak After a night of singing and stargazing, we had an early start, waking up at 6 in the morning.…

22-11-2018 03:46:34
by RedDoor Admin

24/11/17 Author: Lok Wa Bad news first: We regretfully could not teach the monks today as there were protests in the area.…