CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

Christmas is coming… (day 4)

Today a group of volunteers came to the school and taught the kids how to play Bocce. Students from different ages got a chance to participate in a mini-tournament with the help of the volunteers and the teachers. Since the game is very slow, it was hard to keep the student’s attention on the task. After lunch, my class rehearsed for their Christmas performance; they were all dressed up in cute costumes, singing and dancing along to a song. They then had PE on the large field, where they had to do different activities such as running and climbing the stairs. This was a little bit tricky for me as some of the students wanted to hold my hands while they were running. However, I had to be careful with how much I was helping them as they had to be more independent.

Written by: Pina Brandner

In the morning my class separated up as some of them had swimming in the morning, however, since they go in groups of 3 and 2 some of them stayed behind for the morning circle(sing good morning song and the weather song and count how many students came to class). While some students were swimming we did art we decorated the fishes that will be used for the Christmas assembly, this was fun as the kids got to express their imagination. After we finished art and all the kids who had swimming finished, the kids bought money to should, and we went to the eating launch. As it was set up as a little shop so the kids can learn how to sell and buy things, after this, the kids had their snack time. After we separated the class again as some kids went to the multi-sensory room while others stayed in class, this was changing for me as one of my was having a bad they today and he didn’t want to listen or do anything. As his very young I wanted to baby him but I couldn’t as they have to learn how to be independent, after this, the kids had lunch, and then some went to play time while other went to the library to play and listen to music. After lunch we did Christmas rehearsals dance as the kids will be firefights it was very challenging as the kids were not listening at any of the teachers, however, in the end, we managed to calm them down a little.

Written by: Nadege Rangira

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