CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

The first two days @JCSRS

The first two days were predominantly about observing the behaviour and actions of my fellow students at Jockey Club Sarah Roe. Over the two days, I supervised the children during their playtime, played basketball with them, taught them how to do squats and planks through demonstration, supported them to develop basic writing skills and listened to their speech development during their speech therapy sessions. Despite being involved in various activities, I did not feel as comfortable with the kids, as their actions and behaviour were unusual and indescribable. I communicated this to my teacher and she said that you get used to it, because there is not much that can be done to tackle smaller issues, given the current situation of students. And hence, I felt that today I was able to feel more and more comfortable and increased levels of participation + communication with the kids.

Earlier today was slightly different. I was assigned a significant grunt work such as sticking velcro or laminating sheets of paper. I felt that it was redundant to my development, however I couldn’t take away the fact that my contributions better equipped/support children to learn the given the contact. My contributions were also helping the environment, as the fine-tuning adjustments I made enabled the material to be reusable.

Later, I worked two students to change the cushion covers of the ground floor. I noticed that I further developed the ability to stay patient, as the students would unintentionally ignore me, however my behaviour was still very neutral. I was able to engage in increased communication despite Jimmy’s (a student at JCSR) inability to speak English fluently. This was done through through actions or facial expressions. Jimmy was reactive and able to grasp how I wanted him to conduct the particular task.

Before the end of the day, my class was involved in some yoga to relax their brains and bodies. Me, with the passion to sports and stretching, was able to help out students with their body positions, allowing them to make the stretch more effective. To what I felt, my involvement was most significant here compared to any other day/activity, given that I was more comfortable with the children and they were more comfortable with me being around too.

Nandan Seth

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