CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

The first two days at JCSRS

The first two days at Jockey Club Sarah Roe School was a very good experience and eye opener to the hardships of mentally or physically challenged individuals. I helped supervise the students during class work and playtime etc. We also helped support their needs such as taking them to physiotherapy, hydrotherapy etc. There were many challenges working with the students, due to being placed in a class with mainly physically disabled and non verbal students it was very hard for me to judge what the student wants. However over the two days I slowly managed to grasp an understanding on each students reactions to directions and words. I realized that although a lot of the students in my class were non verbal they could still give you feedback and attempt to communicate with you via hand gestures sounds or movements. Aside from working with children I also did a lot of preparation for student class work, eg. laminating worksheets and making folders for student activities. I realized over the past two days how fortunate i am to not have to face these limitations in my everyday life, I have also found it super rewarding to help these children, this is certainly something that i would do voluntarily in the future.

Pei Yip

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