CAS Week 2021

Renaissance College

A Delicate Day 1!

I have been allocated to work as an EA (educational assistant) throughout the week in the “Sapphire class.” The teacher began class by introducing me to the students.

The first subject, Physical Education, commenced roughly at 9:45. In PE, the focus was on running, and as a class, we ran around the KGV football pitch several times to develop the aerobic endurance of students. I was assigned to run with a boy named Josh and a girl named Katy. Josh injured both his knees while walking to the pitch. He was disappointed because he was excited to race with me and to show me how fast he could run. On the other hand, Katy ran well and impressed her teachers especially her PE teacher, Mike.

After this, we did an activity known as “circle time” whereby students shared their weekend experiences with their teachers and classmates. It was fun listening to their “awesome weekend” (as the students call it). I also shared about my weekend experience with them. At 10:40 there was a 20-minute break, and then we moved on to African Drumming. Students had a lot of fun here as the instrument fascinated them. While there, I also picked up the basics of playing this drum which was quite amusing. Then it was lunch time, where I was assigned as a ‘staff on duty’ at the playground. The students were so friendly that they kept playing and talking with me.

Reflecting on today, Day 1 has undoubtedly been an engaging, educational and fascinating experience. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to teach and build a friendship with such amazing students who are not only friendly but unbelievably creative and kind. I look forward to learning more about my students throughout this insightful week.

Arnav Sethi

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