CAS Week 2020

Renaissance College

Day 5: Nov 24

Today was the last day of what truly was an eye-opening experience for all of us at Jockey Club Sarah Roe School. I started off the day by reorganising the P.E Storage Room as it was in a mess. At 9:30am, I with a bunch of students at 9:30 went to Kowloon Cricket Club (KCC) to play various sports. We started off by playing tennis in the tennis courts. Even though I had no prior experience to playing tennis, all that we did was teaching the children how to bounce the ball with the racket and how to do a forehand and backhand shot, which were fairly simple for me. It was so nice to see how engaged most of the students were in learning about the sport, and 3 students in particular were very good in using the forehand and backhand shots. They even managed to play a proper game with the teacher! I was teaching the students how to stand and position themselves when hitting a shot and feeding some tennis balls to them for them to try and hit it over the net. After that, we headed down to play some 10-pin bowling. Since there were 8 students and 4 adults, and we had 4 lanes booked, we competed against the students, with 3 people per lane, each with 1 adult competing with 2 other students. This was probably the most fun I had throughout the week as I could connect with the students a lot more through bowling, as they were all very competitive. For the first few rounds, I helped the students in teaching them how to hold the ball and how to throw it to get a good spin on the ball. They took a while but got it later on and managed to have a close game; I obviously won (93 points) but they put up a good fight, with the other students scoring 85 and 87. After we finished bowling at around 11:30, we headed back to the school and then had our lunch. For the remaining part of the school, I had 1 last P.E lesson with only 2 children who had severe autism. We went around the campus for a walk with the 2 students to calm them as they were very hyperactive students. Through this time, I got to learn a lot more about the 2 students from the adults accompanying them and also managed to build a positive relation with the adults as well. For the last 40 minutes of the school day, there was an assembly held. This was probably the most chaotic assembly I have ever been in. Since the school did not have an assembly in a while, there was a lot to go through. They had to give out a lot of different awards for different events that the students had participated in (KGV Sports Run, Sports Day). I was in charge of giving out the awards to the students. The reason I say it was very chaotic was because everytime someone’s name was called, the student would not come up and would be shy and the teachers had to force the students to come up to collect the award. Plus, due to time, the names were being called on very quickly and it was a hot mess on the stage. However, we managed to get the assembly through and I have my final goodbyes to all the staff members and some students and thanked them for everything they helped me in. I have to thank Sarah Roe for exposing me to this new environment and I feel like a different person having volunteered only for a week. It was sad to leave as I had so many good memories within 1 week and the school made me realise for how fortunate I am.

Author: Aryan Sethi

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